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Carolyn & Steve Tunison
Our Story
We can’t remember a time in our lives that we didn’t love candy! Steve grew up in a little mom & pop grocery store in Yakima, Washington where his first baby carriage was a big metal shopping cart.  As a little boy, Steve had a big choice of goodies at his fingertips for many years.  Carolyn accompanied her mom to the grocery store and learned an appreciation for candy at an early age.  When Carolyn and Steve met, one of their first conversations was about m&m’s!  (Steve likes peanut and Carolyn prefers plain.) On October 14, 2000, two pink marshmallow Peeps, dressed as bride and groom, topped their wedding cake!  Candy was their passion and was destined to be their business when they settled in Seaside, Oregon.

They found a tiny storefront and stocked it with an assortment of the best salt water taffy.  The taffy they had enjoyed for years was soft and very flavorful it is made in Salt Lake City by a 100-year-old family company.  Taffy Town whips the taffy, rather than pulls it.  The result is a nice soft and very flavorful candy and you can taste the difference right away!  Within just a few days of opening The Buzz on Broadway candy store, customers started to request old time favorites.  It was a full-time job to locate the retro goodies, but we found them and those candies like Abba Zabba, Uno Bars, Mountain Bars, British candies and hundreds more helped to put The Buzz on the map!  In four years, the store was bursting at the seams, so we moved across the street to a brand-new location.  We made the decision to offer candy. Only candy.  No shot glasses, postcards or tee shirts.  Our personal motto is “if you can’t eat it, we won’t sell it”.  Soon we were making fudge (36 flavors) and filled 18 feet of display cases full of fine chocolate candies and truffles.  The Buzz on Broadway was a destination store!

Now we have done it again here at 2 Kids Candy Store. We stocked our shelves with tons of candy and we will continue to listen to our valued customers and fulfill their candy wishes. Come enjoy your day in Newport and visit our store. Where everyone is just a kid in a candy store.

Steve & Carolyn Tunison

2 Kids Candy Store has more candy than the mind can imagine, and features an array of retro and all time fav's.

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